Going Green

By now you should know that StFX is reconfirming its commitment to sustainability and have started several initiatives to inspire students as well!

Sunday night, StFX turned Meal Hall and Xavier Hall green to kick off the official Sustainability Week and it was captured by our own Snapchat Geofilter (which is only available until Thursday)!

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Sustainability Week 3

So it has officially been 2 weeks since the Sustainability Launch here on campus and we are rolling into week 3! There are still lots of sustainable activities going on around campus, like travel mug give-aways, free hot chocolate (if you bring your own mug), discounts for using a reusable mug when ordering a hot beverage on campus, and more!

There are even weekly contests in which you can be entered to win a $50 gift card! All you have to do is take a picture or video of you being sustainable, share on Instagram using #SustainableStFX or send it to us over Snapchat (StFX_University)! You can enter as many times as you want each week and $50 could be yours!! Here are some ideas to get you sustainable and enter the contest:

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Greener X

Well, StFX officially launched their Sustainability Campaign last Wednesday @ the PSC which kicked off a five-week campaign that will help make sustainability more visible on campus. There was a great turnout and we heard speeches from Dr. Kent MacDonald, Mikayla Henderson (President of the Environmental Society), and Andrew Beckett (Vice President, Finance and Administration). All three speakers had great points as to why being a sustainable campus and human in general is so important and can have a huge impact. You can read more on the launch here: https://www.stfx.ca/about/news/sustainability-launch.

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As the weather improves and it gets more green outside, we at StFX are trying to make our lives more green as well.

As you might have seen in your e-mails, StFX is launching a campaign to increase behaviours that help our environment (https://www.stfx.ca/sustainability). And it’s starting TODAY!

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