So last night was your last night of Orientation Week and for most of the first year, today marks your one-week anniversary of being here! Congrats! You made it through the first seven days! It gets harder from here lol. For all the lucky Business students, you experienced your first Business Friday (maybe) and for all the Science students, your labs may have been cancelled this week but you will hit the ground running next week!

Last night was one of the finales for O-Week! Nathan Shaw, Ekali, is an amazing EDM (electronic dance music) DJ! He is a fellow Canadian, with his hometown being Vancouver. Recently, Ekali got two writing credits on Drake’s album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Drake. You know him? Yah me too… WHOA COOL

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Talent Show

So today was day 2 of classes! Whoa, where did the time go?? Today marks a day in which you will never forget. The Annual Talent Show featuring our first year students! We have such amazing talent on this small campus and we can see it all! Here was the lineup:


TNT – had some tech difficulties at the start but they killed it all the same! They brought us Beyonce… What else could you want?fullsizerender28

– Chillis gon done it with the ChaCha Slide. The entire crowd was up dancing! Definitely got some interactive points

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So Monday was Academic Day! You had your first taste of what university classes might be like! You got to meet other people in your program and you will make strong bonds with these people! You’ll get through labs, midterms, paper season, tutorials, and 8:15’s together! You also had your Xaverian Welcome. You all put your future graduation gowns on and committed to the Xaverian Pledge. In four years (for the majority of you) this will come full circle when you put your gowns on again at X-ring and Graduation and recite the Pledge again. It’s another special tradition that we have here at StFX.

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Tent Party

The majority of our first year students have now experienced their first night in their home away from home, StFX. Day One, Welcome Day, was filled with so many activities, including waiting in line, for what must have seemed like years for some people, meeting the President of the University, Kent MacDonald, unpacking your belongings into your new room, and for some, saying goodbye to their parents. For many first years, they will remember this day for years to come. They will remember waiting in line for hours, getting their picture taken with our super cool hip poster signs, unpacking three stuffed suitcases and two large bins into the room that they will call home. They will also remember O-Crew. Scratch that… They will never forget O-Crew. O-Crew will not be forgotten by any who cross their path! They also won’t forget their first night out with their new roommates, housemates, and future best friends.

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