History? Our Story.

One of the most active departments on campus, especially in terms of engagement with students and social media presence, is our History Department!

The History Department at X offers tons of unique program opportunities. Students can enrol in concentrations in Medieval, European, Latin American, Canadian History and more, as well as Art History and Anthropology. Introductory courses in Western Civilization, Global History, and and the History of Canada offer first-year students plenty of options while discovering their interests. With professors who are passionate about each specialization and truly care about student success, I can personally attest to the greatness of this program.

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Knowledge Nooks and Smart Spaces

It will become apparent quite quickly once midterms start that StFX students take their studies seriously. The lounges in the SUB, every floor of Angus (the library), Mini Moes, the pods in the Physical Science Centre, and even some classrooms will become crowded with students with their nose in their books. Once exams roll around, it becomes even more difficult to find a table to write your papers and engrain everything you’ve learned into your long-term memory. Here’s a list of some of the best places we’ve found to study, regardless of your sleeping cycle.

PSC Pods– If you don’t mind or prefer getting up early, these are great places to study! They have comfy benches, bright windows, and are relatively quiet because of how few people walk by. However, there aren’t many pods available so you’ll want to get there as soon as the building opens at 6am.

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