Going Green

By now you should know that StFX is reconfirming its commitment to sustainability and have started several initiatives to inspire students as well!

Sunday night, StFX turned Meal Hall and Xavier Hall green to kick off the official Sustainability Week and it was captured by our own Snapchat Geofilter (which is only available until Thursday)!

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International Women’s Week

Wednesday was International Women’s Day! And this week we are celebrating all the amazing accomplishments women have had throughout history. Because there are millions.

This year’s theme is “Creative Resistance” to particularly celebrate and explore “how women use the arts to fight back, stand up, form solidarity, and celebrate their stories.”

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As the weather improves and it gets more green outside, we at StFX are trying to make our lives more green as well.

As you might have seen in your e-mails, StFX is launching a campaign to increase behaviours that help our environment (https://www.stfx.ca/sustainability). And it’s starting TODAY!

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History? Our Story.

One of the most active departments on campus, especially in terms of engagement with students and social media presence, is our History Department!

The History Department at X offers tons of unique program opportunities. Students can enrol in concentrations in Medieval, European, Latin American, Canadian History and more, as well as Art History and Anthropology. Introductory courses in Western Civilization, Global History, and and the History of Canada offer first-year students plenty of options while discovering their interests. With professors who are passionate about each specialization and truly care about student success, I can personally attest to the greatness of this program.

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Shoulda Put a Ring on It

There is no other.

I’m talking about the X-Ring, of course. The thing graduating students have been looking forward to for the past hundreds (or thousands) of days. Sure, degrees are cool too, but the ring! It’s so shiny and magical.

(As someone who’s typing this with sparkly gold metal already on her finger, I can fully attest to its magical powers.)

It’s absolutely true that once people see it on your finger, whether you’re down the street or across the world, you instantly have a connection. It’s a conversation starter, the best fashion accessory, a link to alumni from last year and last century, and potentially your new most cherished possession. K definitely your most cherished possession.

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